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Training Day 9.15.2021

Wednesday, September 15, 2021 5:35 PM | Travis Gibson (Administrator)

It was warm, no it was hot!  Hounds were eager while crossing the James River on ferry early Wednesday morning, headed to, for some, unknown territory. First day out ( on foot)  with hounds, puppies and staff --- led by Huntsman Martyn Blackmore at local fox preserve.  Fifteen and half couple followed by Masters Ed and Travis, Sue, Jerel, Alison, Sparky and Clinton ready with radios and whips to watch the hounds work while Martyn cheered them on.  It was so hot, that quarry was surely lazing in a cool location and not stirring about.But, new entry puppies Lancer and Hinson maintained eager spirits and didn't mind getting back to trailer to wrap a good day out. 

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