Board and Staff

Masters of Foxhounds

Dee Dee Mausteller, MFH
(757) 293-8855
Edward D. Mitchell, MFH

(804) 314-2809

Martyn Blackmore
(703) 341-9670

First Whipper-In
Sue Blackmore

Honorary Whippers-In
David Chewning
Mary Walker

Road Whipper-In
Kevin Eddowes 

Field Masters
Jim Daniels
Dee Dee Mausteller, MFH
Edward Mitchell,MFH
Christine Sweet

Honorary Secretary
Christine Sweet

Board of Directors

Christine Sweet, President
Jeanine Hinson, Vice-President
Cynthia Long-Porter, Treasurer
Katie Zacherle, Secretary
Cindy Chewning, Past President
Jim Daniels
Trace Carson

Membership Chair
Mike Maddocks
(757) 243-7104

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